Synagogue Dieren, The Netherlands
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Over a hundred and twenty years

It is a good custom in Jewish Tradition, to wish each other "till 120", the age of Moses, one of the greatest leaders in Jewish History. The former Synagogue in Dieren has existed for over 120 years, and there is a chance that the building will start a new episode in its history.

One plus one makes two
The Foundation "De Dierense Shul" is dedicated to restoring the former Synagogue in Dieren to its original function. The foundation works in close cooperation with the Community for Progressive Judaism in Gelderland. This Jewish Community is interested in investigating the possibilities of concentrating her activities at this location. Of importance are the central situation and the favourable public transport facilities of this former synagogue.

The Shul in Dieren
  Photograph: Willy Lindwer

What can be found on this website?
The site is still incomplete, but these are the things we want to communicate:
- Our plans.
- Stories about and history of the Synagogue in Dieren.
- An account of the progress of the project.
- Information on the foundation and the connected organisations.

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English translation: Margaret Mogendorff-Overweg